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Municipal District Services

Bill-Pay Services:

District customers are offered a variety of ways to pay their water bill. Some payment options cannot be used when water services have been terminated and all districts do not offer all payment options. See below for a list of districts that do not participate in the full range of payment services.

Credit Cards:

  • To pay by Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards:
    Visit www.paymyutilitybill.com.
    (A 5% fee will be assessed for this service.)

Bank Bill Paying Services

  • Add "Your District Name" to the bill pay option through your bank.
    Complete with the District's Remittance address:
    Your District Name, P.O. Box 3150, Houston, TX 77253-3150.
    Add your account number for proper processing.
    (No additional charges through this convenient payment method.)

Payment by Phone

  • Process a check by phone: Call 713-881-0675.
    (A $3.95 charge will be assessed for this service.)

Automatic Draft Payments

  • Direct Payment Plan: Set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

Grocery Stores

  • Supermarket Payment Locations: Pay at your local HEB, Kroger and Gerlands.
    Present a payment coupon with the account number.
    (A $1.50 charge will be assessed for this service.)


  • Pay at your local Walmart. Present a payment coupon with the account number.
    (An $1.00 charge will be assessed for 3-day delivery) or
    ($1.50 charge will be assessed for overnight delivery.)

Districts that do not participate in the full range of payment services:

  • Credit Cards, Payment By Phone, Automatic Draft Payments, Grocery Stores & Wal-mart locations are not available for customers of these districts:

    • Chambers County Improvement District #1

    • Chambers County Improvement District #3

    • CNP Utility District

    • First Colony MUD #9 (payment options available soon)

    • Kirkmont MUD

    • Northwood MUD #1

Office Locations

  • Pay in person with a check or money order (NO CASH ACCEPTED) at these MDS offices.  Payments are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

    • 406 W. Grand Parkway S, Suite 260, Katy, TX 77494.

    • 16758 Telge Rd.. Cypress, TX 77429.

Remittance Address:

Your Water District
P.O. Box 3150
Houston, TX 77253-3150

Direct all correspondence to:

Your Water District
c/o Municipal District Services
P.O. Box 1827
Cypress, TX 77410



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